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Park, Facility or Asset Naming Application Form

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Criteria for nomination

Please indicate which of the following selection criteria your nominee meets:

Suggested Names shall:

  • not be discriminatory, derogatory or political in nature;
  • not be named after elected officials currently in office;
  • maintain long-standing local area identification;
  • give a sense of place, continuity and belonging and celebrate the distinguishing characteristics and uniqueness of the Municipality of Kincardine;
  • aid in the geographical identification of municipal parks, facility(s) or asset elements to assist in emergency response situations.

Corporate names shall not be used unless a significant financial or other contribution has been made to the Municipality of Kincardine.

Recommended Name


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I confirm that to the best of my knowledge, the nominee proposed above meets the criteria as set out in GG.3.18 Naming of Municipal Parks, Facilities and Assets.



Personal information collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001 c. 25 and will be used for the purpose of creating a record to be used for considering Municipal Parks, Facility and Asset naming applications.   All information submitted, including information collected as a result of the research and the staff investigation into the proposed name, including but not limited to information found on websites, in local archived materials, in newspaper articles or as a result of a public consultation process, will be used by Municipal staff and will be made available to members of the public and Councillors. Questions about this collection should be addressed to the Clerk of the Municipality of Kincardine at 1475 Concession 5, RR #5, Kincardine ON N2Z 2X6, 519-396-3468