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Schedule “B”
Policy P.D.5.2

Special Event Application

The Municipality of Kincardine appreciates the importance of special events in enhancing quality of life, tourism, culture, recreation, education, and in providing economic benefits to the community.  

This application form serves as a resource for individuals hosting an event and provides links or e-mails to areas where follow up is needed, should that component be a part of the event. You can learn more to help plan your event from the Special Event Planning Guide. If you have any questions please e-mail

The applicant must complete this Special Events Application Form a minimum of 90 days prior to the date of the Special Event for review by applicable departments for necessary approvals and equipment requests. 

Do not start selling tickets in advance of application approval. 

1. Contact Information


2. Event Information

Please limit the number of days for the set-up and take down of your event. 


3. Accessibility


4. Entertainment


Please Note: that a copy of the liquor license will need to be provided to the Municipality.


*If your booked facility does not have a stage, it will be your responsibility to rent one.

Please review the permit requirements for stages as directed by the province:

Demountable stages require a building permit where;

  • the aggregate area of all platforms is more than 60 m² and any part of the platform is more than 3 m in height above adjacent grade level,
  • when the aggregate area of all platforms of the demountable stage is more than 225 m², or
  • any part of the platform or any roof, wall or structure attached to or located on any of the platforms of the demountable stage is 5m or more in height above adjacent ground level.

Demountable support structures require a permit where;

  • it is more than 3m in height above adjacent ground level,
  • designed to carry superimposed specified loads greater than 115 kg, or
  • would create a hazard to the public.


A copy of your permit needs to be provided to

Please Note: A building permit is required for tents or groups of tents that are over 60m2 (20' x 30').


A copy of your tent permit needs to be provided to


5. Road Closures


6. Volunteers

Please Note: Event organizers are responsible for ensuring there is adequate volunteer coverage at each of the road closures. Volunteers must be wearing reflective safety vests and, for some routes, the use of walkie-talkies will be encouraged.